Turkish Food: Best Recipes To Cook

Turkish Food: Recipes
Turkish Food: Best Recipes
Turkish Food: Best Recipes

The first thing we put on our list after the significant sightseeing in a place is to look for tasty cuisines. Food gives a lot of experience about the culture of the people and their habits. When it comes to Turkey,  food is the quintessential thing to do. Turkish coffee,  baklava, pickles,  yogurt, etc. are a must-try. There are a variety of Turkish food recipes that gives a flavor of their daily lives.

Best Turkish Food To Try

Turkish Food: Best Recipes
Turkish Food: Best Recipes

Turkish Food: Kebap

The word kebap means grilled in charcoal. It is known as the essential element of Turkish cuisine. Kestane kebap,  which is the roasted chestnut, popular in the streets of during winter. 

The dishes, including meat, are available in various styles. The most popular of such is the Iskender kebap, which had it was in 1867. The recipe is simple. Thin slices of lamb is mixed in tomato sauce, yogurt and butter.

Turkish Food: Simit

Turkish food originated in the early sixteenth century. The dish is a popular breakfast item. The caravan travelers from Istanbul would carry the food item to a town named Izmit. Therefore the name simit was kept. At present, it is a portion of very famous street food in Turkey.


Turkish people make two million tons of white yogurt every year. It is one of the essential food in their daily meals. Yogurt is an ancient food item which has served a millennium. People eat plain yogurt or salad. The cool salty Aryan is a must-try yogurt Turkey food.


The dessert item originated in Central Asia and gradually spread to the entire world. With time, it reached Europe. The Viennese people of Europe modified the food item into a strudel. Gaziantep,  the city famous for making baklava produced the pastry. The Turkish food pastry is dipped with milk and honey. The top layer is covering with pistachio nuts. The baking of baklava is nothing less than an art form.

Fruit And Nuts

The country of Turkey is said to grow 75% of the global hazelnut crop. Today,  the Nutella we consume is produced initially in the orchards of Giresun, located within provinces of the Black Sea. Turkey is one of the top five producers of strawberries,  cherries,  melon,  peaches, watermelons, apples,  oranges, chestnuts, and many more. The UN recognizes the country for its mass production of food items. Therefore,  Turkish food is a must-try.


Pide is also said to be a Turkish pizza. It is a wood-fired oven-baked flatbread. The toppings consist of a variety of meat toppings such as pastrami,  Turkish sausages, and chopped lamb. Some of them also include vegetables and cheese. There are Turkish restaurants that specialize in this particular dish. Some of the chefs break eggs on top of the pide before serving.

Various types of pide are available in Turkey. Lahmacun is a simpler version than the pide. The dish is a thin dough covered with chopped meat and veggies.

There is various other Turkish food that is a delight to any traveler. Turkish cuisine is known for its uniqueness and taste. The variety of herbs used in the dishes and the deserts has made Turkish food a must-try.

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