Top Rolling Pins For Perfect Pita Bread

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Pita bread can be found in any Middle Eastern household kitchen. It can be found in any Middle Eastern menu. This staple is not only satisfyingly tummy-filling. It is also very healthy. We’ve collated some recipes you can make with pita. And with our favorite rolling pins available at LCPShop, you’re definitely going to have fun in the kitchen!

Top Rolling Pins For Perfect Pita Bread & Other Recipes

Rolling Pins: Your Kitchen Aids In Making The Perfect Pita Bread

First, let us take you down the yellow brick road of pita history. And yes, we’re referencing the Wizard of Oz even if it has nothing to do with this post.

Historians have translated records of old where it was discovered that pita bread was first made by those in the Mediterranean. On the other hand, there are also researches the reveal it was the Arabs of about the same time period who were the originators of this simple, yet delectable flatbread.

Whether it’s the first or the other, it seems that both regions traded goods and ingredients often. Moreover, those trades included pita. So if the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern pita have some similarities, this is the very reason for it.

Originally, pita bread was made with the usual ingredients you use today. Only, back then, the dough would be left to sit for yeast to naturally form in it. We have easier today since we can purchase brewers yeast to do the same job.

Furthermore, stone ovens were used to achieve the bread’s ideal texture and form. Whereas we can simply heat it on an open stove, or with a pan in between the fire and the pita.

Innovative Yet Simple Pita-Centered Dishes

Top Rolling Pins For Perfect Pita Bread & Other Recipes

The Pizza-Pita. Or the Pita-Pizza. It’s up to you. Instead of using pizza dough as its crust, use pita bread. Add tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and other ingredients that you want your pizza to have. Tomatoes, bell pepper, pepperoni, the works. Plus, you can add spinach leaves if you want to be experimental about it. We’ve tried it, spinach as the base and no tomato sauce. The mozzarella cheese’s flavor was enhanced all the more with the green leafy vegetable.

Quesadilla Pockets. Dice cucumbers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, olives (according to preference). As you heat the dough on a flat pan, form triangle pockets. Place the ingredients on the “pockets”. Then, press on the edges to make sure the ingredients are locked in and won’t fall out. In addition to this, leave on the top portion open. Once the pita is done, place the pockets on a plate and serve with salsa and lime.

You can add some chicken strips if you’re craving for some meat!

Now, for dessert. Blueberry Cheese-Pita. Instead of using graham crackers as a base, or a chiffon middle, use pita. All you need to to soften cream cheese. Mix it with melted butter and sugar, plus drops of vanilla extract. Next, spread the mixture on the pita, and top it with blueberry sauce. Better if the sauce has blueberry chunks.

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