Top Commonly Used Middle Eastern Spices And Herbs


The foundation of any delicious meal of the middle eastern spices counties is the spices and herbs. The spices of the middle eastern countries are what makes their food so unique. Spices are any kind of seed, fruit, root or bark. These spices are used for flavoring, coloring and preserving your food and have anti-microbial properties. This is the reason behind the use of spices, especially in the warmer climate. As during summers more infectious diseases are present. It is also used in meat gets spoiled easily.

Here are some of the spices which are used commonly in Middle Eastern countries. Using these spices and herbs you can make your food more favorable and delicious.

Cumin A Commonly Used Middle Eastern Spices:

Top Commonly Used Middle Eastern Spices And Herbs
Top Commonly Used Middle Eastern Spices And Herbs

Cumin is one of the most common spices of the Middle Eastern. Besides being common it is also famous around the world. These cumin seeds are the strong and very fragrant savory spice. Besides providing a  good fragrance it also provides the taste of the typical falafel. The cumin seeds are used in many cuisines and can be used in both forms i.e., ground and as a whole.


Nutmeg is commonly used in desserts but In the middle eastern countries, it is also used in the meat dishes. By grinding the seeds of the nutmeg, the nutmeg spice is made. However, nutmeg has a strong smell and is a bit and sweet to taste. It is used as a flavor In many confections, puddings, meat, vegetables. For six to eight weeks the seeds are dried in the sun.

Cardamom A Commonly Used Middle Eastern Spices:

The cardamoms are known for their small seed pods. Which are tringle in cross-section and are spindle-shaped. They have a thin, outer shell with small black seeds. Hence, cardamoms are the third most expensive spice after vanilla and saffron according to the price per weight. They are mostly used in their grounded form. Even the pods of the cardamom are used. So, if added in Arabic and Turkish coffee these cardamoms provide a unique flavor to the coffee.


The rhizomes that are gathered from the plant are used in fresh or boiled water and are dried. After drying they are grounded into a deep yellow-orange color. Turmeric is used for coloring, and flavoring especially in curries and also for dyeing.  They have a warm bitter taste. However, it has a flavor like black pepper and an aroma like the mustard. Turmeric is used in the ground form and is used in many meat and vegetable dishes. They have a bitter and medium flavor.

Sumac A Commonly Used Middle Eastern Spices:

Top Commonly Used Middle Eastern Spices And Herbs
Top Commonly Used Middle Eastern Spices And Herbs

Sumac is a sour spice and used as a substitute for lemon. However, they are dioecious shrubs and small trees. The flowers are small, greenish,  creamy white or red. They have five petals. They have tannins at high levels and are used for leather production.

These are some of the spices used in the middle east. Many other spices are also there.