Thermal Food Container

Thermal Food Container

When carrying a lunchbox to work or any other place, the biggest flaw is the leakage of the tiffin. Moreover, it creates a lot of mess. Therefore, many people prefer not to take lunch to work to prevent leakage or mess. However, eating outside food is harmful to health. Consequently, we bring you this thermal food container. Now, this food container is leakproof. Thus, perfect for carrying it around. 

However, read further to know more about this lunch box.

Thermal Food Container Leakproof Lunch Box

Now, this thermal food container is leakproof, which can be used conveniently. Further, it is an excellent choice for keeping the food fresh for a long time. Moreover, the lunch box is available in two style handles, the invisible handle, and the fixed handle. Thus, you can choose the style which you prefer. 

Furthermore, the material of the lunch box is stainless steel and PP material. Thus, the thermal food container is suitable for use at home, office, and even picnics. Also, the lead of the lunch box is leakproof. Therefore, the vessel will seal correctly, and your food will not spill. Subsequently, carrying food becomes easy and convenient with this container. Additionally, it can enable you to bring your food to the school and offices.

Features Of Thermal Food Container Leakproof Lunch Box

  • Now, this food container is durable and leakproof. Thus, carrying soup or porridge becomes comfortable with this lunch box.
  • Further, you can send home-made and healthy food to your children and husband for school and office respectively. 
  • Moreover, the container can keep the food fresh and warm for an extended period of time. 
  • Additionally, it also consists of a small saucer on the upper layer of the lunch box.
  • Also, the material of the container is stainless steel.
  • However, the dimensions of the lunch box are 12 x 12 x 27 cm or 4.72 x 4.72 x 10.63 inch.
  • Further, the insulation effect of the container stays for approximately three hours.
  • Subsequently, there are three compartments in the box, whose capacity is about 630 ml, 960 ml, and 1230 ml respectively.

Convenient Way Of Packing Food 

Now, with this container, you can pack warm food. Further, you can even pack pasta, warm bean salad, or curry in it. Moreover, you can choose from variations of one, two, or three compartments. Additionally, you can take this box along with you for your picnics. Thus, you will be able to enjoy fresh and healthy food on your picnics as well.

However, stainless steel possesses lovely properties. Thus, the food container becomes an excellent choice. Further, this material resists corrosion and also has an excellent surface finish. Moreover, according to scientific research, it is safer to store your food in a container made of stainless steel. Also, the insulation in the box lasts for three hours. Thus, your food stays warm and fresh. 

Therefore, if you are also fond of healthy food and soups, then you must give this lunch box a try. 

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