Simple Healthy Middle Eastern Salad Recipes -

Simple Healthy Middle Eastern Salad Recipes

Middle Eastern Salad Recipes

Salad recipes are always top of the food chain for bringing healthy food to the table. From all ages, it never gets old. In particular, Middle Eastern Salad Recipes is one of them.

The recipes are notably simple to make and loved by many people because of their flavorful taste and health advantages! So, if you are looking for new salad recipes because the old ones already bored your taste buds, these Middle Eastern treats are perfect for anyone who is also as health-conscious as you!

Get the best advantages of eating more vegetables and be the best of you today. In this time, you will need it more than ever, so make sure to try it today. Find out how to make it below.

Middle Eastern Salad Recipes

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Israeli Salad

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This West Asian dish is very affordable and easy to make, but surprisingly tasty! In summer, you can serve it together with kebabs. It is also a great breakfast food alongside eggs and non-fat milk. You will surely love waking up on this meal every morning. Let us find out how this salad is made.

Ingredients to prepare:

● One pound Persian cucumbers, diced

● One pound red tomatoes, diced and seeded.

● One-third cup minced onion, this is optional only.

● One-half cup minced fresh parsley.

● Three tablespoons virgin olive oil.

● Three tablespoons fresh lemon juice.

● One-half teaspoon salt.

How to make the salad:

Put the diced Persian cucumbers into a large mixing bowl together with all the ingredients. Mix them well until the vegetables are well covered with lemon juice, oil, parsley, and salt.

It is best served fresh at room temperature. It is also good to do it chilled for that refreshing treat.

Middle Eastern Syrian Salad

This salad is dressed in fresh garlic, mint, lemon juice, and olive oil. It is one of the tastiest Middle Eastern salad recipes, so it is no surprise that this salad is loved by many, even if it is the most common one you will see in the Middle East. Let us know how this salad is made.

Ingredients to prepare:

● Six cups of chopped romaine.

● One large chopped tomato.

● Four white thinly sliced radishes.

● One red diced pepper.

● One peeled and chopped cucumber.

● One-fourth chopped mint (you can also two tablespoons dried mint).

● One-fourth chopped parsley.

● Freshly juiced lemon.

● Two cloves grated garlic.

● Four teaspoons of olive oil.

● Two tablespoons za’atar.

● Pepper and salt to taste.

How to make the salad:

Place all the vegetable ingredients in a large mixing bowl, add all the fresh herbs and squeeze one lemon juice around the bowl, do not include its seeds.

Grate the garlic over the salad and spray the olive oil around the salad’s edge.

Using your hands, carefully toss the salad together and then sprinkle with za’atar, pepper, and salt to taste.

These two Middle Eastern salad recipes are some of the most straightforward and flavorful healthy snacks you could make and enjoy with your loved ones.

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