Shish Kebab : A Middle Eastern Staple

Shish Kebab House: The Best Of The Middle Eastern

Kebabs, Anyone?

When we think of middle eastern cuisine, even before thinking of naan and tandoori, we immediately think of kebabs. Kebabs are available in many varieties, although in most western countries, they are popularly known as shish kebabs or shashliks. If tender meat makes your mouth water, then a shish kebab house is the place to be! So have fun with the Shish Kebab House.

Shish Kebab House: The Best Of The Middle Eastern
Shish Kebab House: The Best Of The Middle Eastern

Based on how they are cooked or how they look, there are a variety of kabobs that are available in the market. These include kakkori kabob, sheekh kabob, shammi kabob, galawti kabob and so on. Here we have a list of shish kabob houses that you must visit if succulent meat makes your mouth water and if kabobs are the love of your life.

Shish Kebab House 1: Peter Cat

If you are talking about kabobs in Kolkata then you absolutely cannot forget to mention Peter Cat. Located in Park Street, they serve various kinds of kabobs and sizzlers. They are most famous for their Chelo kabob which is loved by one and all.

Shish Kebab House 2: Karim’s

This is a small shop located in old Delhi, near Jama Masjid. This is the place to be if you love all kinds of non-veg delicacies. Kabobs are Karim’s speciality. This is a holy place for meat lovers who can indulge in a variety of soft, succulent kabobs at Karim’s. They only sell non-veg items and are very affordable so that you can have kabobs without burning a hole in your pocket.

Shish Kebab House 3: Siddique Kebab Centre

When we talk of the food lover’s paradise, we immediately talk of Hyderabad. This kebab center, situated in Kondapur is outstanding with its juicy, well-marinated chicken. Their most famous items are barbecue chicken and grilled chicken. However, the kebabs at this place are to die for! Despite not scoring well on the ambiance section, this place wins hearts and stomachs with their mouth-watering kebabs!

Shish Kebab House 4: Ayub’s

Mumbai is known for its mixed bag culture and cuisines. How then, could it miss out on the kebab game? If you are craving for a few kebabs in the middle of the night, then Ayub’s is the place to be! Despite being a small roadside eatery, it is almost always crowded due to their excellent service and quality.

Shish Kebab House 5: Rajinder Da Dhaba

This roadside joint is located close to Karnal Cinema and is one of Delhi’s favorite kebab places. Their kebabs are usually the perfect blend of spicy and succulent and they are known for their mutton galauti kebabs. Despite being a roadside eatery, they are perfect for quick bites and elaborate non-veg ventures.

Shish Kebab House: The Best Of The Middle Eastern
Shish Kebab House: The Best Of The Middle Eastern

While originally kebabs were only made out of meat, with time, a lot of veg variants came into existence. Kebabs many various types of grilled meat. Small pieces of meat are cooked on skewers until they become very tender and is then served on a plate with a variety of chutneys or even with parathas. The most common meat used for kebabs are mutton or lamb but other kinds of meat like chicken or beef are also used regionally.

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