Persian Food: Delicious Dishes

A List Of Incredible Persian Food (Iranian Foods)

Iranian people have discovered some incredibly delicious foods to make our weekends at its best. Persian cuisine has introduced various dishes and all of them are favorites of all time. Apart from rice and vegetables, and fruits, saffron, mahleb, cardamom and green herbs, etc. spices are very popular in these dishes. Hence, you can imagine that these foods are incredibly tasty and spicy. Moreover, they have rightly inspired by the Turkish, Russian, and Central Asian cuisines. Today, we will talk about 16 popular and tasty Persian food that is mouthwatering.

Persian Food (Iranian Foods): Delicious Dishes
Persian Food (Iranian Foods): Delicious Dishes

1-Āsh-E Anār

Āsh-E Anār is a Persian pomegranate soup that contains meatballs. Anar refers to pomegranate and ash refers to thick soup, hence, together is will be pomegranate thick soup. The soup will be perfect if you eat it hot in a winter evening. And if you are vegan, exclude the meatballs.

Persian Food (Iranian Foods): Delicious Dishes
Persian Food (Iranian Foods): Delicious Dishes


It contains meat broth and is a delicious combination of lamb and spices. It combines chickpeas, lamb, potatoes, white beans, and spices and bread.

3-Iranian Potato Salad

This is a combination of potatoes, eggs, and chicken, a delicious and traditional Persian dish. You can make this super spicy flavor on a special occasion.

4-Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi

Caspian kutum or halibut with herbed rice pilaf, vegetables, steamed rice, and Mahi denotes fish combined together to make this new year’s eve recipe.


Fesenjān is another popular Iranian dish, contains meaty stew and pomegranate syrup. It tastes like chicken or duck and goes well with rice.

6-Gheimeh Persian Food

Gheimeh is known as gheimeh sibzamini and gheimeh bademjan is a traditional dish. You can take it with some French fries and aromatic rice.

7-Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghormeh Sabzi is known as qormeh sabzi. Moreover, this flavorful herbal stew is their national dish.


These are special traditional ceremony dishes and Iranian new year celebration dishes.

9-Khoresh Bademjan

If you visit Iran, Khoresh Bademjan is a must-eat dish. The perfect combination of eggplant and meat makes it delicious.

10-Khoresh Karafs

The main ingredients of this recipe are celery and meat and stew. Moreover, it is so mouthwatering that you will want more.

11-Kookoo Or Kuku

Kookoo or Kuku whatever you call it is a herb-based frittata. As you can imagine, they serve it into pieces and tastes of spinach, coriander, scallions, and herbs along with eggs.

12-Mirza Ghassemi

Another famous Iranian dish, Mirza Ghassemi. Not only it is famous but is delicious for its spices, tomatoes, and eggs combined taste.


It is a nice combination of Chicken, yogurt and egg-based rice cake. Also, sometimes fishes and other vegetables also compliment this dish.

14-Zereshk Polo

It is a rice preparation and a perfect Iranian wedding dish is Zereshk Polo. You will get a flavor of saffron, lemon juice, and other spices.

15-Shole Zard

It is hot, soft, made of rice, saffron, and white sugar. Moreover, it is designed with pistachios and cinnamon.

16-Iranian Haleem

It is a slow meat preparation that contains turkey or lamb and milk or melted butter compliments it.

Additionally, let us know your favorite Persian Food in the comment box.

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