Mongolian Food: Ingredients Used For Preparation

Mongolian food: Types and facts
Mongolian Food: Ingredients Used For Preparation
Mongolian Food: Ingredients Used For Preparation


Mongolian cuisine mainly consists of poultry products, meat, and animal fats. The commonly cooked rural dish is mutton. The city is famous for dumplings stuffed with meat. It is also known as “buzz” in their everyday language.

Location And Climate Type

The immense climatic conditions of Mongolia has a lot of influence on traditional food habits. Vegetables and spices are used very limitedly and mainly excluded from the food items. Mongolian food

Types Of Cooking

Mongolian Food: Ingredients Used For Preparation
Mongolian Food: Ingredients Used For Preparation

The inhabitants of Mongolia only live on poultry products like animal fat, which includes cattle, camels, horses, sheep, yaks, and goats. The preparation of meat is basically in three different forms. It is either by cooking, making stew or soul out of the flesh or using it to stuff dumplings.

Facts About Mongolian Food

The most common meat cooked in Mongolia is horse meat. This Mongolian food has it’s reaching that it is available at the grocery stores.

Boortsog is a type of Mongolian dessert, which is like a cookie. It is made only on special occasions.

The most exciting cooking method includes cooking for special occasions. This method comprises cooking of meat with different vegetables on stones pre-heated and kept aside for this purpose. The meat is either stored and sealed in milk cans or obtained from the abdominal cavity of a goat or sheep.

Milk is one of the essential ingredients for Mongolian food. The fluid heats up to separate the cream.

The leftover milk is then fermented to produce cheese, curd, or yogurt.

It is also used to make light liquor.

Mongolian Beverages

The national beverage of Mongolia is airbag, by the fermentation process of mare’s milk. Barley is one of the popular cereals of Mongolia with mares milk. The outcome flour from the grain mixes well with fermented milk or with milk tea, which is a daily beverage for the people there.

Salted milk is the average beverage of the nation, which can be eatable food by adding rice and meat.

The most common beverage or drink of Mongolia is Vodka. It covers almost 30% of the liquor market. It serves during celebrations as well as an enjoyable drink in the daily life of the Mongolians.

Vodka was not an original Mongolian beverage. Due to the influence of Russia on Mongolian food, vodka has gained immense popularity among the local people. It helps in keeping the body warm and cozy to beat the temperature conditions.

Mongolian Food: Why Such Type?

The people of Mongolia generally follow a diet which contains a lot of animal fat. Due to the freezing temperature, animal fat is necessary by the local inhabitants. It helps to keep the body temperature in a suitable range to survive the severe climatic conditions.

Mongolian food is suitable for a specific group of people. Climatic changes influence the type of food made there.

Mongolian food is overall tasty but rich in fat to maintain proper body temperature. The food serves as the basic need for Mongolian people.

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