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Lebanese Food Recipes For You To Prepare

Some Awesome Lebanese Food Recipes For You To Prepare

There seems to be a fatal attraction for Lebanese food throughout the world. The food style and flavor is distinct and unique. Since then, it popular worldwide. So, what is the deal about Lebanese food?

For starters, their food culture is very balanced. They make sure that their food comes with plenty of everything. Some of their food items like salads, vegetables, and stews are popular. Most of the people there like to consume chicken and pork.

Awesome Lebanese Food Recipes To Prepare At Home

Red meat like beef and mutton consumed only during festivals and in the mountainous regions. The presentation and garnish that comes in the food items well known throughout the world. Hence, Lebanese cuisine is popular.

In this article, we have brought you two simple recipes. Though the recipes are simple, they are popular among people all over the world. The first recipe is the Salata hommos. In English, it is known as the chickpeas salad.

The ingredients are few and lovely. However, you will need to ensure that they are fresh and come without blemish. To prepare the Salata hommos or the chickpeas salad, you will need a can of chickpeas.

You will also need some garlic, olive oil, mint, and lime juice. Take a bowl of water and heat it to high flame. Pour the chickpeas in it and add some salt. It usually takes a few minutes for the chickpeas to start boiling and cook.

Once, that happens, you can remove it and start rinsing with water. The salt added to help them not stick to each other. Now, spread them using a clean towel and then remove the skin of the chickpeas.

This is a slightly painful process because you do not want to have the skin in your salad. Boiled chickpeas are healthy and fine. However, without the skin would be better. Once you get the feel of removing the skin of a few chickpeas, you will be fine.

Some Awesome Lebanese Food Recipes For You To Prepare
Some Awesome Lebanese Food Recipes For You To Prepare

Excellent Recipes To Prepare At Home

They have to season with olive oil and lime juice. The mint and garlic can used on them as garnish later on. The dish is ready and served. You can have the salad for your lunch or dinner. It is versatile and easy to prepare.

We will now look at the falafel. It is also a popular recipe prepared all through the Arab nations. To make the recipe, you need some chickpeas flour, bean flour, flour, olive oil, salt, pepper, and red chili for heat.

You can leave the red chili if you do not want the heat. When preparing the falafel, you need to mix all the flours inside a large bowl. Then add the pepper, red chili, and salt. You need also mix some water in it.

Some Awesome Lebanese Food Recipes For You To Prepare
Some Awesome Lebanese Food Recipes For You To Prepare

The shape can be like a ball or round-shaped food item. Now use a pan and pour some vegetable oil in it. Heat it on high flame and then place the falafel one by one in it. Fry them until they become brown.

The dish can be garnished with tomatoes, onions, and some yogurt. Yogurt is a popular food item used in almost all the food items in Lebanese food. Most of the food items come with olive oil, garlic, and lime juice.

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