Learning About Middle Eastern Bread

Basic Bread: Types of Middle Eastern Bread
Middle Eastern Bread: Types Of Basic Bread
Middle Eastern Bread: Types Of Basic Bread

An Introduction To Middle Eastern Bread

Bread has been a part of the human diet since the prehistoric times. This is primarily because it lasts for a long time and can be made in a variety of ways from a variety of things. People from different parts of the world make bread in different ways. While we usually consider sliced bread to be proper bread, there are a lot of middle eastern bread types that we didn’t know fell under this category. Therefore, let us learn about the middle eastern bread.

Middle Eastern Bread: Types Of Basic Bread
Middle Eastern Bread: Types Of Basic Bread

Middle eastern bread is usually flatbread and therefore looks vastly different from the western sliced bread concept. This bread usually has flavoring elements like fenugreek, buttermilk, vegetable stuffing and so on. There is a large variety of middle eastern bread. Below, we have listed a few.

Aish Mehahra

This originates in Egypt and is made following traditional recipes. It uses fenugreek seeds and maize flour and is roughly forty to fifty cm in diameter.


This round type has a thickness of approximately one to two cm and has a fifteen to twenty cm in diameter. Its primary ingredient is flour. Hand-made bread tastes better because they have a layer of bran sprinkled on the lower level.


This food is generally consumed for breakfast alongside tea. It originates in Morocco. This bread is pan-fried and apart from semolina flour, also has butter and milk to increase softness and enrich the taste. It tastes very similar to cornbread and recipes to make it may vary.

Pita Bread

The name of this bread, which is originally Arabic, is Khubz. The western world calls it Pita and it is the commonest kind. This is a double-layered bread because it is baked at very high temperatures. Pita bread is usually dipped in sauce or used to scoop up the stuffing and is generally used to make falafel or kebabs.


This is perhaps one of the very few middle eastern breads which use egg in its recipe. Due to this, it has a very soft, spongy feel and texture on the inside and crunchy golden outside. This is also very similar to the pita bread. The only added ingredients in the recipe are olive oil and eggs.


This is a circular Turkish bread. In diameter, this bread is very similar to Bolani. It is usually available in shades of brown or white but the most common color is creamy yellow. Bazalma is usually topped with sesame seeds and is baked over a wood fire.

The middle east is generally considered to span across northern Africa and southwestern Asia. there has been a lot of debate about what countries are considered to fall under the tag of “middle eastern”. However, some common middle eastern countries include Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel. Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, Syria, Sudan, and Morocco. Most of these areas have cuisine specific to them and white bread is common, the way middle eastern bread is made varies vastly from place to place.

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