Jordanian Food: Everything You Need To Know

What Is So Special About The Middle Eastern Pastries

It comes as no surprise that you can find many Jordanian hotels and restaurants coming up in the United States of America. They love food that comprises of spices and meat. Jordanian food cannot be termed as healthy because you have loads of oil and sugar in the desserts.

Some of the ingredients used in Jordanian food comprises those from Europe. You can find some influence in their food culture like honey, olive oil, pita bread, sesame seeds, chickpeas, and mint.

What To Know About The Beautiful Food?

These commonly used in most of the food preparations. The kibbeh that is meat and rice is one of the most popular food that Jordan is known. There is also some alcohol that puts Jordan on the map like the arak.

The traditional recipes of the Middle East include flatbread, lentils, fresh fruits and nuts, raw vegetables, lamb, beef, goat cheese and different types of yogurt. Jordanian food comes with plenty of meat and lamb.

You also have shawarma or meat. They are cooked using fire or coal. Traditional Jordanian food prepared over fire or coal. The shawarma is comfort food. It can have during snacks or evening.

The wrap made from pita bread and fillings. The fillings are shredded chicken, pork, beef, and meat. Some tomatoes, onions, yogurt, tahini, and olive oil used in there. In some regions, it is also known as the Shish Taouk, which is char-grilled skewered marinated chicken breast.

They served with mild garlic sauce. Not to mention, the seafood in Jordan is something to die for. Their flavors and taste match nothing else — just a simple dash of salt and some pita bread. You served with lunch — most of the people in those days were fishers.

You would also love to know that their Jordanian food comes with several desserts too. Some of them influenced by neighboring countries like Egypt, Lebanon, and others. The Knefe, for example, is a popular dessert prepared in Jordan.

Jordanian Food: Everything You Need To Know
Jordanian Food: Everything You Need To Know

What To Know About The Lovely Jordanian Food

However, its roots are from Lebanon. Though the Jordanians have adapted their method of preparing it, the dessert is popular among the middle east. It comes with paper-thin sheets made from flour known as phyllo.

Not to mention, it contains plenty of cheese. There are a rich flavor and texture of the sweet that is present in it. The cuisine that prepared is also something worthwhile for you to taste and enjoy.

Hence, the tradition continues. You can still find people working in the sea and having the same food fare year long. It is just that they do not get bored of doing it. You would love the fact that these food styles are available for you to try out at home.

Jordanian Food: Everything You Need To Know
Jordanian Food: Everything You Need To Know

Jordanian food comes with a lot of yogurt and lentils. If you are fond of having them, then you would want to try them.

In conclusion, the Jordanian food is a must-have when you visit the middle east. The food items come rich in flavor and texture. They are abundant in nature and loaded with the spices of heaven.

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