Introduction To Middle Eastern Food And Cooking

Introduction To Middle Eastern Food And Cooking

The Middle East refers to the transcontinental countries from North Africa through Asia. It is well known for its food, among other things. The food here is a combination of all the countries and people that constitute the Middle East. The Middle Eastern food and cooking are although similar in all its regions, yet every region has a peculiar taste of its own. The variation in taste of the Middle Eastern food highly depends upon the herbs and other native ingredients available at the place. People here are mostly fond of vegetables and pulses in any form, be it boiled, grilled, stewed, stuffed or cooked with rice or meat. 

Introduction To Middle Eastern Food And Cooking
Introduction To Middle Eastern Food And Cooking

Key Ingredients of Middle Eastern Food

  • The Middle Eastern food consists of chickpeas, olives, lentils, and beans, amongst other vegetables as its characteristic ingredients. They are a significant part of any Middle East cuisine.
  • The Middle Eastern style of meat is often in the form of grilled kebabs. The common types of meat here is chicken, mutton, beef, or lamb. Apart from meat, the protein in Middle Eastern food is derive by the consumption of cheese, yogurt, and other such dairy products along with legumes. 
  • In Middle Eastern food and cooking pork and alcohol are completely prohibited in most countries with accordance to government laws.  
  • A prominent element in Middle Eastern food is the use of various spices and herbs like cumin, mint, turmeric, parsley, nutmeg, etc. 
  • Amongst the bread, flatbreads and pita are common in Middle Eastern food and cooking. 
  • People here are fond of strong tea and thick Turkish coffee when it comes to beverages.

Some Popular Middle Eastern Foods

Hummus is one of the best-known parts of food and cooking. It is an appetizer made from mashed chickpea dip cooked in olive oil with garlic and lemon juice. 


Refers to the sesame paste, which is a foundation for various Middle Eastern foods. It can be use as a dip or a spread. 


To hummus, falafel is the most famous Middle Eastern food. It is a fried ball of onions, chickpeas, and several spices. 


It is a light meal or sometimes an appetizer.It is prepare from cracked wheat, parsley, mint, and other vegetables. 

Pita Bread 

Middle Eastern food and cooking pita bread is a constant and versatile element. It is serve with almost every meal. You can have itany form- warm, stuffed, toasted, dipped, etc. 

Introduction To Middle Eastern Food And Cooking
Introduction To Middle Eastern Food And Cooking

Middle Eastern Food Is Wholesome In Nature

The Middle Eastern food and cooking emphasize up on healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whole grains, and so on. The flavors of their native spices enhance the charm of Middle Eastern food to a great extent. These spices vary in taste and color from region to region. The use and preparation also vary. 

Because of its variant flavors and wholesomeness, these food and cooking are widely popular all over the world. The food indeed is one of the major attractions to visit the Middle East.  

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