How To Make Arabic Turkey Kebabs?

How To Make Arabic Turkey Kebabs?

Turkey kebabs aren’t only a toddler-friendly food, but it can also be very kid-pleasing. Effortlessly to eat with the little finger, perfect lunch option, and filled with lots of ingredients. Additionally, it makes the best use of leftovers, requires less time and tools, and is to roll up. Moreover, the kebabs have all of the flavors of roast turkey dinner and side dishes without any fuss! The kebabs are smothered in gravy and filled with stuffing. Add in some cranberry sauce and veggies for the perfect recipe in minutes! The dish considered the main dish for any turkey dinner. A holiday meal, during a lot of work, is easy to make with perfect recipes and lots of planning.

How To Make Arabic Turkey Kebabs?
How To Make Arabic Turkey Kebabs?

Here’s a healthy and quick kebabs recipe that you should try at home once. Once you prepare it, you can realize that this easy turkey recipe is an excellent option to enjoy Arabic dinner if you have a short time to make a meal.

Ingredients – Turkey Kebabs:


  • To make the dish easy, use finely sliced deli turkey
  • If your kebabs cannot be adequately rolled, then use leftover turkey finely sliced for layering.


  • You can use various kinds of stuffing from cornbread dressing to veggies stuffing.
  • Boxed stuffing mix works just complete in a pinch


  • Leftover turkey gravy is ideal for kebabs, just like other ingredients
  • If you don’t have snippets, you can use packaged or canned gravy works

Cranberry sauce and veggies:

  • A small number of veggies complete this meal. You can use any kind of vegetable from beans to corn
  • Use a cranberry sauce to add a flavor to the meal.

How To make:

First, fill stuffing in sliced turkey and then roll and place in a pan. If there is any remaining space in the container, then put steamed vegetables in a pan. After that, add gravy and keep it for baking.

How To Make Arabic Turkey Kebabs?
How To Make Arabic Turkey Kebabs?

If you cut sliced too small and therefore turkey can’t be rolled, then add a simple layer of ingredients. Leftovers of this roll reheat well and prepare for a perfect lunch or dinner. When you make the dish, then you can see that all of the delicious flavors of turkey dinner are available in little kebabs for a yummy and speedy dinner!


The list of ingredients used in kebabs is sliced turkey deli or leftover, prepared gravy, homemade or boxed stuffing, green beans and other vegetables, butter, cranberry sauce.


  • First, preheat the microwave to 300 degrees F and then keeping three slices of turkey.
  • Mix stuffing in sliced turkey and sway up tightly. Repeat the process with the remaining turkey.
  • Place a layer in a pan and spread gravy over the kebabs.
  • Add salt, pepper, frozen beans to the side of the pan, and add cranberry sauce on the other side.
  • Cover with paper or foil and bake 35 minutes or until heated.

Garlic Peeler

How To Make Arabic Turkey Kebabs?

Garlic is the main ingredient of kebab. So, try this garlic peeler to chop garlic. The peeler is easy to clean and easy to dissemble.

To conclude, kids and adults both love to eat Arabic turkey kebabs. So, try these kebabs at home and give surprise to your kids and hubby.

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