How To Host A Middle Eastern Food Party


Are you planning to host a Middle Eastern food party, but hesitating because of its expensiveness? If that is so, you are holding the wrong notion. A Middle Eastern food party on a budget can be planned if you skip on certain things, like the high-end beef kebabs, or the expensive busting lamb. You can still throw a luxurious Middle Eastern food party with some wise planning and preparations. 

How To Host A Middle Eastern Food Party
How To Host A Middle Eastern Food Party

Ideas For Hosting A Middle Eastern Food Party On Budget

Prepare the Hummus Yourself For Middle Eastern Food

Is a constant dish in most of the Middle Eastern foods. However, it is costly to buy from stores. But the good news is, hummus can be cooked at home without much effort when you wish to throw a Middle Eastern food party on a budget. For this, soak the chickpeas in cold water overnight and boil them with baking soda in a stockpot the next day. Once they are cooked, drain the remaining water except for reserving half a half. Now make a puree of the chickpeas by adding tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. At last, pour some olive oil into it and garnish with chopped parsley or paprika. 

Be Creative With the Kebabs

Readymade kebabs are not only overpriced but also lose their taste value for being preserved in the grocery shops for days. Instead, try to assemble them on your own, or set up a kebab bar and allow your guests to do that according to their wish, and you get them grilled. You can provide different types of vegetables as well as marinated fish and chicken, from where your guests can choose. Doing the kebabs your way is an excellent way to throw a Middle Eastern food party on a budget. You not only save some extra bucks but also get creative in this way.

Skip The Lamb, Go For Kebabs

Fresh cuts of lamb and beef are quite expensive. Although they are a significant part of Middle Eastern food culture, you can substitute them for fish, chicken, or kebabs and easily arrange a Middle Eastern food party on a budget.

Pay Attention To The Dinnerware

Plates are beautiful, but can never match the charm of the real shinning plates. With paper plates, you do not have the headache of cleaning them, but are they that comfortable to use as compared to solid plates? For instance, you can never cut a steak with your fork on a paper plate. So, go for real dinnerware and let your guests have their food with ease. Besides, they enhance the charm of your food too.

How To Host A Middle Eastern Food Party
How To Host A Middle Eastern Food Party

Go For A Potluck

Arranging a Middle Eastern food party on a budget, this is quite an exciting thing to consider. You may ask your guests to cook and bring any Middle Eastern food of their choice to the party. In this way, there will be more variety of dishes and less pressure on you. 

By following all these tips, you can surely impress your guests and throw a luxurious and fun Middle Eastern food party on a budget. 

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