Falafel Recipe: Cook Just For Your Family

The Amazing Falafel Recipe Just For Your Family

The smell of falafel cooked in a home or restaurant cannot miss out. It comes with a very distinct flavor and texture. The falafel is a dry and fried food item. It is commonly prepared in several American homes.

It is a versatile dish because you can have it as a wrap. You can even place it around slices of bread along with some tahini sauce that commonly used in the region and has it. In Arabian cuisine, they usually make use of pita bread.

Amazing Falafel Recipe For Your Family

It is soft and slightly on the firm side. The taste of the pita bread is divine. You can start your Arab cuisine by preparing a simple dish, like the falafel. When you learn how to blend everything in a perfect balance, you get the best of the dish.

The fried balls that come with immense spices made from chickpeas, and flour. The ingredients are just a handful. The chickpeas are dried fava beans that used in the recipe.

To prepare the falafel, you need some dried chickpeas that have been soaked and washed overnight. Then the next day, you have crushed it using the back of a spoon. You also need some onions that chopped.

Some crushed garlic, cumin powder, fresh parsley, pepper, salt, cayenne pepper for heat, and vegetable oil. First, you would want to drain the chickpeas using a blender and make it into a paste.

When you have soaked it overnight, drain the water, and then let it dry for some time. You can either smash it using the back of the spoon or use a blender, which would be a good idea. Take a large mixing bowl and add the cumin powder, garlic, onions, pepper, salt, parsley, and cayenne pepper.

Falafel Recipe: Cook Just For Your Family
Falafel Recipe: Cook Just For Your Family

How To Prepare It For Your Family?

Mix everything using a large spoon. With the help of a large spoon make them into balls, once mixed. Pour some vegetable oil in a pan and turn the flame to high. You have to cook them in the pan until they become brown and float on the top.

Do not take them out if they are not floating on the top. Remove them and drain the oil out using a tissue paper. To make sure that your falafel is adequately cooked, leave them for some time in a basket or strainer.

The excess oil removed with tissue paper. These take time to cook. The falafel can serve in a wrap, as a sandwich, or had just like that. You can also help it along with a salad. The dish is versatile. You can even have it with rice for lunch or dinner as a side dish.

Falafel Recipe: Cook Just For Your Family
Falafel Recipe: Cook Just For Your Family

The falafel commonly had during the evenings as a tea snack. Some tahini sauce or yogurt can pour in the falafel and have it as a dry food item.

Remember; always make use of fresh ingredients when preparing the falafel. Open up your home to some American families or your neighbor and watch how nicely they bond with you, once they have the falafel.

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