20 Top Middle Eastern Foods: Which Is The Best?

20 Top Middle Eastern Foods: Which Is The Best?

Middle Eastern foods are very popular all across the globe. They have a blend of flavors that can be delightful for almost everyone. The food varieties, especially with meat, are appealing, which everybody enjoys. The food from the Middle East has got a lot of good adjectives like rich, aromatic, healthy, fresh, and wholesome. Here are the best foods from the Middle East, which nobody can deny. 

Middle Eastern Foods: Hummus

It is one of the very authentic dishes of the Middle East. The hot pita spreads with chickpea is the dish. The dish tastes incredible with more garlic in it. The best place to try this dish is Abu Shukri near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.


This dish is pizza in Arabia. A round bread with cheese, ground herbs, or meat on it as toppings are what makes Manakeesh. It is a dish that welcomes a lot of customization, and it has varieties when you have it from street vendors or the fancy restaurants. You can eat this dish in its authentic taste from Al Hallab at Gaurhoud Road in Dubai. 

Grilled Halloumi

Cheese in Arabia is rich and is from sheep and goat milk. They are different from other cheeses in the world as there is no bacteria or acid in use in the process of making cheese. The dish tastes the best at Abdel Wahad, El Inglizi Steet, in Lebanon.

Middle Eastern Foods: Foul Meddamas

It is the dish made with olive oil, parsley, fava beans, garlic, lemon, and onion. The presentation of the plate may not look very grand. The brown mush may not be appealing, but the taste and texture of it compensate for the look. You should try this dish at the Pavilion Downtown Dubai Café in Dubai.


Fried chickpeas mixed with the herb is a great snack or a filler in the pita bread. Middle Easterners consider the birth of falafel as a matter of patriotism. You can taste this dish at [email protected] at First Circle Amman in Jordan. 


It is an excellent combination of mint, tomatoes, onion, parsley, and bulgur. This salad attracts everybody and may even tempt you to switch to vegetarian. The Cairo restaurant at Al-Malek Talal Street in Jordan serves the dish at its best taste.

Moutabal/Baba Ghanoush

20 Top Middle Eastern Foods: Which Is The Best?
20 Top Middle Eastern Foods: Which Is The Best?

Moutabal is a dip that is very similar to baba ghanoush and has a consistency similar to eggplant kick. The dip has chili as a spice, and it tastes great. Zest at One & Only The Palm in Dubai is the best place to try this dish.


It is an excellent and tangy salad, which is one of the tastes of the Middle East. The salad includes garlic, olive oil, lemon, onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and fried squares of pita. You should try this salad from Al Halabi at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. 

Umm Ali

Umm Ali is an Egyptian bread pudding that has cream and milk. There are different versions of it, which include vanilla, condensed milk, raisins, and croissant pieces. Naguib Mahfouz restaurant is the right place for the authentic Umm Ali. 

Middle Eastern Foods: Shanklish

This dish uses sheep or cow milk cheese. Roll them to the size of a golf ball, and chili flakes and zaatar herbs add taste to it. It goes well with onion, olive oil, and diced tomato. The dish tastes the best at Market Place in JW Marriot, Dubai. 


Shawarma is a post-workout snack that people from all over the world loves. The dish has tender chicken pieces, veggies, garlic puree, and salad dressing and wraps into the pita bread. Hadipudia at 6 Ha-Shikma Street in Jerusalem serves the best shawarma. 

Shish Tawook

It is a straightforward dish with skewered chicken. It accompanies with garlic paste and is very popular in Egypt, Gulf region, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. You can try this dish at Al Falamanki at Damascus Street in Lebanon. 

Middle Eastern Foods: Dolma

Dolma is a great food that has succulent lamb and juicy veggies as the primary ingredients. Assistance restaurant at Kariye Camii Sokak in Turkey serves the best Dolma.


It is a food very popular in Pakistan and Iran. These are balls with lamb or beef and is very spicy. It also has onion in it. Consider baking, grilling, frying of the patties. They taste well with great spicy sauce. They are in cylinder shapes on the stick. Gulf Pomegranate Iranian Restaurant at Al Ansab Road in Oman serves the best dish.

Warmth Al Bajaj

It is a Kuwaiti chicken curry, which is a blend of flavors like paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cumin, turmeric, ginger, and lime. Mais Alghanim at Gulf road in Kuwait serves the dish in the best taste. 


It is a Palestinian and Jordanian dish that looks very similar to pizza and has toppings or lamb carcass. A big banquet version of the dish may cover the entire table. 

Middle Eastern Foods Kebab Karaz

It is a dish popular as dessert candy or cherry kebab. It is a Syrian dish and a tweak to the excellent meat stick. This kebab has pomegranate pips and sour cherries, which gives it a sweet and sour taste. Al Mayas at AL Bedea at Kuwait serves the best kebab karas. 

Iraqi Musgouf

20 Top Middle Eastern Foods: Which Is The Best?
20 Top Middle Eastern Foods: Which Is The Best?

Carp fish bakes to make this dish. It follows slow cooking and tastes well with pickles and lemon. Al Adhamiyah Iraqi Restaurant at AL Asmakh Street in Doha serves the best of this dish. 


It is a delicious cheesecake that has Nabusi cheese and is a very popular food in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria. It has blush colors, which are from rose water or orange blossom water. Habibah at Al Malek al Hussein Street in Jordan is famous for this dish. 

Middle Eastern Foods: Baklava

It is a very buttery pastry that has honey dressing, sweet syrup, and chopped nuts. It is a very ancient recipe, and Rihitim Cad at Kati Otopark in Istanbul serves the dish in its authentic form. 

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